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Concrete Bin Blocks

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Concrete Bin Blocks in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Keeping Your Stockpiles in Check

Using bin blocks is an excellent way to keep your stockpiles of sand, mulch, stone, firewood, topsoil and other materials contained and easy to access. The modular nature of our bin blocks allows you to create a versatile storage space that ensures your materials stay right where you want them to.

Also known as bin dividers, bunker blocks or ecology blocks, these sturdy masses of concrete have many advantages. Do you no longer have a use for a particular bin? One major benefit of these blocks is their ability to be reused and transported in a number of ways, ensuring that you aren’t stuck with a permanent structure that has no viable purpose.

A Number of Options

Our concrete bin blocks come in 2-foot to 6-foot lengths and are usually 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall. All of our blocks have tongue and groove connections for a smooth lock on the top, side or bottom, enabling the blocks to stack securely.

To get a feel for how durable these blocks are, our 3-foot option weighs approximately 1,800 pounds. Additionally, our 6-foot blocks measure at approximately 3,600 pounds, ensuring your bin and your materials stay put.

Is your bin somewhere visible? We also have decorative options available upon request for bin blocks that may be in more prominent locations. Our selection of decorative bin blocks varies, so give us a call today to see what we have available.

Call for Pricing

If you are interested in purchasing bin blocks, call us today for more information regarding availability and current pricing. We offer free quotes on your bin, and we go to great lengths to get you the best deal possible. For all of your bin block needs, give B M H Concrete a call today.